The strength of F&P in this field is the know-how achieved both in the production and application of stabilizers and thickners in all sectors of the food industry. This allows F&P to support its Customers in the choice of the most appropriate stabilizers to reduce their dosage to the minimum necessary quantity, as requested today by the market.

  • Study and development of mixing equipment
  • Grinding and sieving technologies
  • Troubleshooting and revamping of existing plants
  • Start-up and follow-up of plants and equipment
  • Scale-up of pilot plants
  • Development of stabilizer blends
  • Recipe balancing
  • Pectin selection and standardization
  • Evaluation of appropriate stabilizers
  • Product labelling
  • Separation of powder blends
  • Degradation of gel power
  • Pre-gelatinization
  • Incompatibility between ingredients and stabilizers
  • Difficult solubility of stabillizers