Thanks to a deep understanding of the production technology and uses of pectin achieved throughout the project, the start-up and the management of different production plants in Italy and abroad, F&P is able to tackle at 360° this peculiar sector, offering complete technological support, preparation of the raw material along with production and market application of the different type of pectins.

  • Design and development of production plants
  • Revamping of existing plants
  • Start-up and follow-up of plants

Thanks to our experience we can develop all the production methodologies, starting from the analysis of the different raw materials to the realization of the 3 most important pectin categories required by the market:

  • HM Pectin (High Methoxyl)
  • LM Pectin (Low Methoxyl Conventional)
  • LMA Amidated Pectin (Low Methoxyl Amidated)

In our fully equipped laboratory we are able to analyze and evaluate the quality of all pectins actually present on the market, helping our Customers in their selection of the most appropriate pectin to be used in their specific application.